Letter to Faith Church

I am so very excited about this Fall at Faith Church! God blessed us with a great summer in ministry together and I can not wait to see what is in store for the next couple of months.

There are 4 things I want to make sure everyone knows about:

Anniversary Sunday

On Sunday November 4th Faith Church will celebrate her 30th anniversary. It was the first Sunday in November of 1982 when our church transitioned from “mission status” to self-supporting church. I am looking forward to this day as we celebrate God’s faithfulness to us for more than 30 years. I hope you plan to join us!

Parking Lot

Our parking lot expansion project has been completed! For the past month, we have had plenty of parking spaces- plenty of room for our neighbors, friends, family, and co-workers to join us for worship.

To move forward with the project this summer, we borrowed $10,000 from our Church savings with the plan of paying this money back in the months to come. We have already made 2 payments of $1,000 back into savings!

Hail Damage

Just as work on the parking lot got started, we suffered heavy hail damage to the roofs of the church, gym, parsonage, and shed. We have received funds from our insurance company to make repairs, and we are currently working to hire and schedule work to begin on the church roof. The roof of the church is the most critical since the hail caused immediate leaks. In order to save funds, we are considering tackling the smaller tasks of repairing the parsonage and shed with our church volunteers. If you would be willing to help with this project, please let me or one of our trustees know.

December 1st Foundations Class

The Foundations class covers the basics of what we believe at Faith Church. This class is a great resource for both people who are new to faith in Jesus Christ and people who are new to Faith FWB Church. The class lasts a couple of sessions with breaks and even lunch.

This class is a pre-requisite to becoming a member at Faith Church, but you do not have to be seeking membership to attend.

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Tips for Vacation Bible School

Vacation Bible School is a big part of our outreach every summer. It has proved to be an effective way to connect with new families, many of which have no home church. We just wrapped up our 7th VBS here at Faith Church in Chandler, so I thought I would share some things we have found effective.

Tip 1: The VBS Store

This can be as simple as a room of tables with trinkets and toys that are purchased with VBS dollars or points or some other type of reward system. Think along the lines of the counter at Chuck E Cheese where you get stuff in exchange for your tickets. This makes it easy to incentivize anything you want to happen during the week. At a Faith Church VBS you can earn “VBS Bucks” for pre-registering, attending, memorizing a verse of Scripture, bringing a Bible, bringing a friend, and bringing mom and dad to the program on Sunday.

Each year we make an order of stuff from Oriental Trading to stock our store with items that fit with that year’s theme. The kids love the stuff, and it is pretty cheap.

Tip 2: Online Registration

We ask people to sign up for VBS on our website and we give 10 VBS Bucks to every kid who pre-registers. This makes everything run more smoothly when the kids arrive on the first day, and it also ensures that we get contact info for follow up and mailers for future children ministry events.

We do this with a simple form on our website, but you could probably build something with and put a link up on your homepage.

Tip 3: Photographer

Volunteers are a precious commodity, but you will find that it is a worthy investment of manpower to have someone who does nothing other than take pictures. A mom with a point and shoot digital camera would be fine.

When you have photos of the events of every day, you have something you can show parents that will communicate just how much fun your VBS is. Some kids tell their parents all about the day when they get home, others will simply say something like “it was okay” and run outside to play. The photos of kids with huge grins going down a slide or listening intently to a story will close the gap between perception and reality. If you have worked hard to put together a good VBS, you will want parents and grandparents to know.

Take the best photos and videos and put together a 5 minute video of highlights to show during the program on Sunday. Speaking of which…

Tip 4: Closing Program During Sunday Service

Doing a program on Sunday targets families without a church since those that have a church will be at it on Sunday. More importantly, it gets mom and dad in the door to experience your worship service, meet your people, etc. A program during the Sunday service also makes VBS something that the entire church is a part of, not just the children’s ministry volunteers.

Here is our highlight video from VBS this summer:

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Letter to Faith Church

A couple of Sundays ago I poked my head into Children’s Church & one of the boys asked me, “How come I’m not wanted!?” I was stunned. I couldn’t imagine what would have made him think he wasn’t wanted at our church. I explained that he was very wanted & welcome. “No” he said, ” I want my picture on a wanted poster in the hallway!” That’s when it clicked. He was talking about the posters lining the hallway for Vacation Bible School.
There may not be a wanted poster with your picture on it in our hallway, but you are wanted and welcome! In fact, we are making more room for you and your neighbors, friends, co-workers, and family. We want them all!

Our church has enjoyed steady growth over the last few years. Over the past 6 months we have been thrilled to watch God increase the rate at which people have decided to call Faith Church “my church.”

Of course the increase of people has meant an increase in cars. We had several Sundays that we ran out of parking. I apologize if you struggled to find a parking space or parked in the grass when you worshipped with us recently.

On Sunday, June 24 our membership decided to expand our parking lot. We hope to move forward immediately! The paving company has been contacted, and they have updated the estimate which was originally written in April of 2011. Hopefully, by the end of the week we will have a date set for the work to begin!

God Bless,

Pastor Daniel

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Church Retreat 2012

A couple of weeks ago 30 of our people trekked up to Temple Hills in Lynnville for a retreat. It was a blast, it built community, and challenged us spiritually. I am already looking forward to the next one. Here is a video of the fun that we had.

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Favorite Tweets of February

If Taylor Swift’s ex-boyfriends could write music and play the guitar, I wonder if we’d think SHE is the crazy one.

If God in his wisdom decided you’d never have a huge church & you’d minister in obscurity, would you be okay with that?

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Favorite Tweets of January

Here’s the first roundup of Favorite Tweets for 2012.
Look for more favorites here.
Find me here or there.

Thinking about starting a diet, that means I need to Read the rest of this entry »

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4 Reasons for the Prayer Sermon Series

This past Sunday in the 6:00 PM service we kicked off a 4 week look at prayer. Here’s why:

1.The disciples made it a priority between Easter & Pentecost.

Acts tells us that the disciples gathered in an upper room and prayed for 10 days while they waited for the Spirit. For the disciples it was appropriate to transition from Easter to Pentecost through prayer. As we transition between celebrating passion week and everything that is ahead, let’s transition through prayer.

2. We have some major ministry decisions & opportunities in the near future.

In our upcoming business meeting we will once again consider the issue of parking. We need to seek God’s guidance and counsel on this issue.

A campaign for the Sunday School classes starts this Sunday. The Family retreat is in a couple of weeks. Friend Day is around the corner. Preparations for summer ministry like VBS and Church Camp have started.

3. We have some major spiritual needs in the present.

God has brought several people to a place personally where they need to make a decision. My prayer is that this emphasis will provoke us to pray for one another and that those prayers will be answered as we each take our next step.

4. We can’t let basic elements of Christian life be assumed.

There are a few topics that we need to emphasize on a regular basis to keep them from simply being assumed in the life and culture of our church. Prayer is one of these basics that we need to come back to regularly.

I never want it to be assumed that we study God’s Word, spend time with Him in prayer, gather to worship Him, etc. These must be explicit and clear.

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