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Sermons Preached at Faith Church

Humility – The Healthy Alternative to Pride and Insecurity

Our first installment of the HUMiLiTY series.

Humility isn’t just opposite of pride, it’s also the opposite of insecurity.

Jesus is the greatest example of humility and He was anything but insecure.


Humility – the healthy alternative to pride & insecurity. from Faith Church on Vimeo.

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Favorite Tweets of July & August

This round up of awesome tweets is a combination of July and August. Because the majority of my faves from July were a apart of the #NAFWB, I decided to lump the remaining tweets from July in with August.

This post is a stroll down a not so distant memory lane since many of the tweets deal with the oil spills, NBA trades, and holidays that made up our summer.

Enjoy, find some great people to follow (including me of course), and check out previous Favorite Tweet posts.

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Friend Day ReCap

This past Sunday was Friend Day. Every year we designate a particular day and emphasize inviting friends, co-workers, family, classmates, neighbors, etc. We provide a lunch so people can stick around and get to know one another.

To help the church invite, we printed invite cards like this one.friend-day-card-2010

We also put together this short and humorous video to give people ideas on how they should or should not invite their friends.

This year’s Friend Day was an incredible success. There are a lot of things that I am excited about, so let me share a few with you:

  • Our attendance was higher than I have ever seen it personally.
  • Our new toddler class was overrun with kids! There were as many kids in the 2-5 year old’s class as there were in the 6-12 year old’s children’s church!
  • Only 4 children rode the church van to church this year as opposed to more than 15 on the day that comes closest to this one in attendance- what that means is that not only did we have more children but the children came to church with their families.
  • Someone who told me 2 years ago “I will never go to church again” was there this past Sunday.
  • Several of our guests were first time visitors- I think this is the result of people who are new to our church inviting a whole new group of people.
  • The crowd was attentive- sometimes on a special day where you have a lot of people who do not usually attend church, good portions of the crowd are not “into the sermon,” but I felt that 98% of the crowd was with me from start to finish this past Sunday.
  • I had non-believers tell me they appreciated the message- often they’ll say things like, “it was nice to be here” or “thanks for having us” instead.
  • We had a sharing time during our Sunday evening worship and several people were excited to have seen their friends and family there that morning.

Favorite Tweets of March

Here is the latest round-up. I hope you’ll enjoy and find some good people to follow!

We had just heard our baby’s heartbeat at the Dr.’s office!

Mentioning me increases your likelihood of getting on the list by about 1,000%.

Very true. Not sure I would have said during a college’s promotional weekend though!

David has a interesting post about how people like us hate each other less because of Twitter: Check it out.

Now the problem is only going to get worse! Hooray!


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Fellowship: A Faith Builder

In Luke 1 there are two pregnancy predictions. The first to Zacharias about John the Baptist and the second to Mary about Jesus. When Gabriel delivers this second message to Mary, she has some questions. To answer her, the angel states that God will do this, He will “overshadow” her, but he doesn’t stop there. In addition to declaring what God will do, he also tells her what God is already doing for Elizabeth. To help Mary understand and believe, he used Elizabeth as an example. I believe God uses modern day examples of His work to strengthen people’s understanding and faith. This is why Paul told the Corinthians to follow him as he followed Christ, Titus to show a pattern of good works, and Timothy to be an example to the believers.

After the angel leaves, Mary goes to be with Elizabeth. When Mary arrives both women lift up their voice in praise and blessing. Being together and knowing what God was doing for the other bolstered their faith and encouraged their hearts.

Gathering with God’s people and sharing what he is doing is encouraging and strengthening.

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Make this Christmas about Presence.

According to Advent Conspiracy, Americans spend 450 Billion dollars on Christmas, or at least we did in 2006 (watch their video here). Their message is that though the US spends large amounts of money on presents, we do not find joy, peace, or happiness. They encourage the giving of presence rather than presents. Instead of buying things that people do not really need, spend time with them, get to know them, and invest in your relationship with time. It brings back a greater return than another electronic device or toy.

I was inspired by this presence vs. presents concept and I realized the greatest present I ever received was Christ’s presence in my life. To share this inspiration/realization, I am talking about “Christmas Presence” in our morning worship services throughout the month of December. This past week we looked at how God was obviously present in the Christmas story. We will also cover the presence of family and friends, Christ’s presence on earth, and the Church’s presence in the community.


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Like an Athlete

The Athlete
An athlete’s life is characterized by:

He Strives

Great Athletes are characterized by passion. There are many talented athletes without heart or passion, but there are not great athletes without such.

He Strives for masteries (I Corinthians 9)

The Athlete’s life is characterized by discipline in training and practice and so should the Christian.

He will not be crowned unless He strive lawfully.

It does not matter how good the athlete is, if he cheats he will not be crowned the winner.

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