My Struggle with Weight, Health, and Gluttony.

09 Oct


My Daughter Haven was born in the fall of 2010. Around then I decided that I needed to get healthy. I had run in a 5k, well I tried. I was amazed at how poorly I did. I decided that it was time for a change, so I changed. I start running, I dieted, I counted calories, I worked out at the gym, and I saw results.

I felt better, I lost over 20 lbs, I completed half marathons, then a marathon, and most recently a Tough Mudder. However, my weight has fluctuated. Though I’m 20 lbs lighter than I was when Haven was born, I’m also 17 lbs heavier than I was when I completed my first Marathon in November of last year.

Asking for Help

Recently, I did what I often recommended to other people but found hard to do myself. I asked for help from a professional. I met with a dietician and discussed my progress and lack of success on maintaining a healthy diet or normal weight.

One of my major struggles is snacking late at night. (I opened up about this on Facebook about a month ago and got some good suggestions, including “see a dietician.”) The dietician helped me see that by trying to keep my calories low through the day, which I can do pretty well, I starve myself and set myself up for failure in the evening.

In addition to the Physiological reasons, there are psychological (I’d add spiritual) reasons that I snack. Nicole has helped me see that I am prone to stress eating or emotional eating. If I have a difficult counseling session, I’m worrying about someone’s progress in discipleship, dealing with conflict, or merely feeling overwhelmed (pretty regular in ministry) I am much more likely to choose poorly when it comes to food.

While the physiological reasons are easily worked out with some good info and new habits, the emotional and spiritual will require patience, honest confession, prayer, and God’s grace and truth.

This is where you come in.

Asking for YOUR Help

As I work on this, I need to be held accountable to the process. Like an addict needs meetings and accountability partners to stay sober long enough to figure out why they choose their drug of choice, I need accountability to make healthy decisions while I find the dysfunction that continually brings me back to this struggle.

My dietician has asked me to keep a food diary. Don’t worry, I didn’t go buy a pink book with a locking clasp on the front. I’m keeping it on my phone, but I plan to post updates and portions of it here each day. You can find it here. I don’t need you to subscribe to this in your feed reader or sign up for email delivery. It will be very boring material. However, if you could check occasionally to see if I’ve been doing my homework, that would be great.

If I’m slacking, send me a message.

You can find me on Facebook and twitter.

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One response to “My Struggle with Weight, Health, and Gluttony.

  1. Paul Crawford

    October 9, 2013 at 3:57 PM

    I have had ups and downs with my weight also. When I tend to gain weight is when I start stress eating, mainly at lunch, and then it just keeps going all day and then becomes my eating habits over time regardless of stress levels. I got up to 250 lbs at my heaviest when I decided I didn’t want to weigh any more, then was able to get down to 180 in 8 months. I started stress eating and gained some weight back but have recently lost about 25 pounds in two and a half months.

    When trying to lose weight it sounds like I have some of the same struggles where I have a lot of urges to snack at night because of trying to eat minimally during the day. I try to only eat 300-400 calories up until dinner time (usually a Clif Bar or yogurt and jerky for lunch). Then eat whatever the family is eating for dinner but in portions of 700-900 calories. I try to finish dinner by 6:30. This strategy has worked well for me as it is easier for me to not eat during the day when I am busy with work as long as I overcome the urge to stress eat at lunch.

    The one thing that has psychologically helped me with the urges to snack at night is an HGH supplement, not real HGH, but a supplement that theoretically causes your body to produce HGH on its own. 90% of the HGH supplements on the market are snake oil and don’t have the potential to even work in theory, they are purely a money making scheme. The other supplements that at least in theory have the potential to work may or may not work (there is a lot of info/research out there on why they should work: ingredients/quantities, etc.; there is also a lot of propaganda out there also that you have to weed through from people trying to sell their product).

    In order for the supplements to “work” they have to be taken on any empty stomach, 3-4 hours after eating. So if I eat dinner between 5:30 and 6:30 I still have cravings to want to snack at night but psychologically it helps me not eat knowing that I need the empty stomach at 10:00 or when I go to bed to take the supplement. So whether or not the supplement is making my body create more HGH it is helping me not snack past dinner time.

    Here are the 2 products I use together, I use them 5 days on and 2 days off – they last 6 weeks:

    One other thing that has helped with me is after 3-4 weeks of low calorie intake it seems like my body plateaus and gets used to the low calorie levels and it is much harder to lose weight. I will then eat more for a week (2000-3000 calories a day). This will cause me to gain 3 or 4 pounds during that week but when I go back to the low level of calories I will lose weight much easier and faster for the next few weeks.


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